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may take a maternity leave for at  
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In today's busy world Cheap Roberto Clemente Jersey , many parents have lost the art of telling their stories to their kids. Here are ten reasons why these stories are so beneficial:

1. Use them to teach lessons about life.

Stories will stimulate conversations with your kids more effectively than lecturing or 'trying to get them to talk. There are a lot of issues happening for your kids these days, and stories give them a chance to reflect on them.

2. Stories connect your kids with previous generations.

In a society that seems to have families spread out all over, it's vitally important to have ways to have your kids feel connected to their extended families.

3. Stories stimulate your kids? imagination.

One of the best ways to prepare your kids for the world is to engage them in vivid stories that stir their imagination. Kids who are exposed to these kinds of stories will be the creative problem-solvers of the future.

4. Kids who are exposed to stories will continue the tradition with their own families.

Knowing that your family traditions and stories will be carried on by future generations is very comforting.

5. Stories can encourage your kids when they're discouraged

Childhood can get pretty discouraging sometimes. Kids are encouraged by knowing that Mom or Dad have gone through the same kinds of things and have survived.

6. Telling your stories has you remembering your own childhood.

Telling your kids about your childhood is a great way for you to remember and reflect on what was important about your younger years.

7. Telling stories helps to create depth and soul in your kids.

In a TV and media-crazy culture Cheap Willie Stargell Jersey , telling stories can capture your kids? attention and convey real meaning. It's a way to show your kids what's really important in your life.

8. Telling stories to your kids tells them they're worth the time.

Is there anything more important than conveying to your kids that you want to spend intimate time with them? They'll remember it forever.

9. Telling stories is a great chance to convey your values.

Your kids will be getting quite a few messages from their friends and from popular culture. Stories are a great opportunity to sneak in a few of your cherished values for your kids to hear.

10. Well-crafted stories create a wonderful mind-set for your kids before they fall asleep.

Kids will fall asleep faster and with healthier images when you tell them your stories.

Don't pass up the opportunity to connect with your kids, at the same time you tell them what's important to you.

It will be a huge gift to your kids, and a huge gift to you.

A Quarter Female Job Seekers Experience Sex Discrimination

Posted On : Jul-05-2010 | seen (196) times | Article Word Count : 463 |

According to the recently study report that the sex discrimination is average every four female in gender and unit of choose and employ persons to refuse employment. The study also show that the higher degree of female employment Wholesale Pirates Hats , the reject rate is higher. According to the recently study report that the sex discrimination is average every four female in gender and unit of choose and employ persons to refuse employment. The study also show that the higher degree of female employment, the reject rate is higher.

The research polled 3,000 women over one year's time and came up with the result after data analysis and in-person interviews Wholesale Pirates Hoodies , according to the report, one in 25 of the surveyed are forced to sign labor contracts that contain clauses forbidding them to get married or pregnant in a set period of time. Some female job seekers are bare the lower salary with the same workload compared to male. And some are work in the bad surrounding such as in the high temperature without any welfare. Nevertheless, when women have a baby Wholesale Pirates Shirts , they must be bare to decrease the salary or even be fired. Some general girls bare more. If they have so excellent ability, they are hard to find a good job, so how they are the so-so girl?

But according to law Wholesale Pirates Jerseys , every countromen may take a maternity leave for at least several days, China is at least 90 days, American peers have seven days off. Having a baby is a duty of a mother Cheap Pirates Hats , how they can set it to be reason to fire them? So difficult to understand that. Every country should protect more interests for women. Female is also a big part of the society, their contribution is inestimable.

Some nearly thirty percent say employers set different criteria in recruitment and women have to perform much better than their male peers in interviews to get the same job. And more than one third believe that male employees have more chances than female in getting promoted. One executives explain that women have to spend must time to take care of the children and their family and their working ability is worse than man and easy distracted for small distractions. They always want to quit the job to find a better j. Cheap Air Max Jordan 11 For Sale Wholesale MLB Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Football Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Hockey Jerseys
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