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During a city holiday, Garmin Phoenix 6X Sapphire  
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Pirkan Kellon Aikarauta traveled to Rome to test how Garmin Fēnix 6X (part of the top sports watch) can serve many walking tourists during the journey. Rome is a well-known city. Miles and different altitudes have accumulated here. In some places, the streets of ancient Rome made people exercise.replique tag heuer Therefore, it is reasonable to test a purebred sports watch during this trip.

The demonstration of Garmin Fēnix 6X sapphire in our store is used as a test piece of Pirkan Kello. Although it is not a Fēnix 6X Pro Solar Titanium equipped with solar cells and a ridiculous battery life, Sapphire did not encounter any trouble during this week's trip. Considering the test, I turned on all the functions and set the backlight to the brightest setting. I fully charged the watchĺs battery in Finland, and a week later, the watchĺs battery was still 37%.

At first, I was a little skeptical about the possibility of the watch during travel. Altimeters and barometers cannot be operated on the plane. During the holidays, unless the plane boarding queue increases the pulse during the take-off phase, the heart rate will not rise too high to become actual performance. However, during the journey, Fēnix brought me so much joy and help in Rome, which surprised me very much.
Effective cooperation between Fēnix and the phone
After pairing your phone with Fēnix, the watch becomes a truly useful travel companion. When leaving Helsinki, the Lufthansa app sent a message to the watch as a message about the change of gate and the start of boarding, which was already obvious. In Munich, the clock received notifications about flight delays and new departure terminals. Before going home, the clock ticked the information check-in prompt. Strangely, it facilitates air travel. Of course, this kind of cooperation also depends on the airline's services, but at least for Lufthansa, this function is very effective.
Although you can be 100% sure of similar services on the phone, you donĺt have to linger on the phone during your vacation, especially in a city like Rome, where there are fascinating attractions everywhere. In big city navigation, the combination of Garmin and Google is indeed very effective. In a hotel, when you put your destination on the Google Maps phone on your phone, the clock will vibrate at the turn and a message will be displayed on the screen indicating which direction and street to turn. Convenient navigation, allowing you to experience the city freely.

This also applies when traveling by public transport, as Google Maps also contains real-time data about Rome bus services. If you choose a bus as a means of transportation on the map, the clock will vibrate when you walk to the stop on the right. The message displays the stop number, bus number, and the number of minutes the bus can reach in minutes (or because it is Rome, how many minutes the bus will be delayed). The clock tells you when to get off in the same way. Very convenient. On the first night, we went directly to the clock near the clock shop in Rome.
Bell Tower in Rome

Plaza de Espana and the Spanish Steps. Here you will also find all the clock movements in Rome.
If you want to visit Rome to appreciate the bells, you should drive towards Piazza di Spagna. In addition to the famous Spanish Steps on the square, you can also find all boutique watch stores in Rome in these corners. Hublot and Jaeger-LeCoultre placed the cabins directly on the edge of the square, while Panerai, U-Boat and IWC can also be found in the same square. The Via dei Condotti leaving Piazza is also a treat for watch lovers. Leaving Piazza di Spagna along Via dei Condotti, you will find Bulgari, Patek Philippe and Omega within three blocks. From there, drive forward into Audemars Piguet and Tissot. Decided to feel dizzy.

In any case, the area is easy to burn money. We visited the area on the first night, and travel checkout for mobile devices was limited, and the area only offered amazing windows. Montblanc, Hermes, Chanel, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, Louis Vuitton will inevitably be confused at some point. If you have chalk in a big place, you can paint. The only downside is that after the boutique closes, the area will need some dim looking male sweets. I feel that he wants to keep checking whether his wallet is safe. I decided to come again during the day in case I kept spinning inside.
Rotating the area during the day is also difficult. This time it was overcrowded. As early as February, there are tourists in Rome, especially on Valentine's Day in Rome. Many movements are closed, and most interesting watch movements are designed to serve very wealthy people, so much so that nature does not allow them to abandon Garmin's hands alone. Especially when many movements obviously require pre-arranged appointments, and the doors of ordinary mortals are still closed. With extra busyness and busyness, this trip looks really different.

However, even if the funds are not given up, Tridenten is an interesting place. From the marble and dark velvet shaded display windows, many rare items can be found, not even in Tyylinieka. The area is full of trendy cafes and restaurants, and hotels in the Trentini area are located in the hottest center of Rome.replique vacheron constantin It's a short journey everywhere from here. Even to some extent, using the public is not as fast as walking.
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